IFKF 2018 - Join the Conference

Monday, 10th Dec 2018
Topic : Climate Change & Kidney Health - Dr. Santhosh Varghese– India
Chair : Prof. Gamal Saadi – IFKF / Dr. Georgi Abraham – India

Topic : Raising Awareness: 12 years of CKD Screening in Jalisco, Mexico
             - Mr. Guillermo Garcia– IFKF
Acute Kidney Injury in Africa - Ms. Esther Obeng– Africa
Chair : Prof. Kamyar Kalantar IFKF / Dr. Edwin Fernando, Head of Nephr., Stanley Hospital

Topic : Leveraging Social Media for Foundations - Dr. Arvind Canchivaram- India/
Prof. Kamyar Kalantar – IFKF

Chair : Dr. Sunil Shroff – India

Topic : Policy Dialogue for Kidney Health - Dr. Zaki Morad IFKF/ Dr Guillermo Garcia IFKF
Chair : Dr. Amalor Pavanathan, India

Topic : CKD and Nutrition: A Pediatric Perspective - Dr. Arpana Iyengar, India
Chair : Dr. Milly Mathew , India

Topic : Women &Kidney Health- Emerging Countries - Dr. Manisha Sahay– India
Chair : Dr. Milly Mathew, India

Topic : Kidney Donors: Recognizing a Blind Spot - Dr. N. Gopalakrishnan– India
Chair : Dr Balaraman, Head of Nephrology, KMC Hospital

Topic : Sagliker Syndrome, Dr. Yahya Sagliker - Turkey
Chair : Prof. Joel Kopple – IFKF

Topic : CKDU-Emerging Evidence in South Asia - Prof. Mar De Broe – Belgium
Topic : Genetics of Uddanam CKDu - Dr. Sudhakar DVS – India
Chair : Dr. Prabhdeep Kaur, India

Topic : Session on Renal Transplantation, Dr. Sunil Shroff – India
Chair : Dr. Santhosh Varghese, India

Poster Presentations : World Kidney Day / IFKF and Kidney Foundation Activities
Chair : Prof. Joel Kopple - IFKF / Dr. Georgi Abraham– India
Entertainment / Cocktails & Dinner

Tuesday, 11th Dec 2018

Council Meeting for IFKF Members
Topic : Management & Fund raising for Foundations, Mr. Paul Beerkens– Netherlands
Chair : Kouchoseph Chittilapally, Chairman - V. Guard

Consensus Session - “Slowing CKD Progression with Management of Nutrition / Obesity /
Dietician Support”
Participants : Dr. Joel D Kopple / Prof. Gamal Saadi / Prof. Kamyar Kalantar / Dr. Kaneez Zehra
Dr. Tilakavati Karupiah

Lunch Break

Departure to Mamallapuram, Visit to Shore Temple & Other Sights
Awards Ceremony / Cocktails & Dinner at Radisson Bay Hotel, Mamallapuram

Wednesday, 12th Dec 2018
Council Meeting for IFKF Members.
Topic : Awareness & Screening in Tamilnadu - Mrs. Rajalakshmi Ravi – TANKER
Topic : 25yrs of TANKER & the Milestones Achieved -Mr. S.V. Venkatesan – TANKER

Topic : Successful Establishment of Kidney Foundation in Kerala - Fr Davis Chiramel

Topic : Public Education on Kidney Failure and Kidney Donation - How Media can Influence  
Awareness - Dr. Sumana Navin and Mr. G. Ananthakrishnan - India

Topic : Managing HCV, Prof Gamal Saadi – IFKF
Chair : Dr. Subramanian, Head of Infectious Diseases, Gleneagles Global Hospitals

Panel Discussion : CKD & Care – Evolution : Global Learning, Transplant, Dialysis

Panelists :Dr. Joel D Kopple/ Prof. KamyarKalantar/ Dr. Sunil Shroff / Prof. Gamal Saadi /
Dr. Guillermo Garcia

Moderator: Dr. Suresh Shankar